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How to Delete Canva Account: A Comprehensive Guide

Ah, Canva is the graphic design tool we've all come to know and love. But what happens when you decide it's time to move on? Whether it's due to privacy concerns or just wanting to take control of your online presence, the decision to part ways isn't always easy. But don't worry; we've got your back! In this guide, we'll walk you through the straightforward process of saying goodbye to your Canva account.

What Will you learn?

How to Delete Canva Account

Ever had that moment when you're scrolling through your Canva designs, marveling at your creative work, from business cards to social media graphics, and thinking, "Maybe it's time for a change?" You're not alone. Many Canva users, for different reasons, decide to delete their accounts. But how exactly do you go about it?

What is Canva?

For those who might not know, Canva is a fantastic online graphic design tool. From the free version of Canva to the Canva Pro subscription, it offers a plethora of templates, from business cards to photo collages, making design accessible to everyone. The platform has been a great tool for both individuals and businesses for years.

Why some users opt to delete their accounts

Just like all good things, sometimes we need to let go. Maybe it's due to privacy concerns, or perhaps you want to start fresh with a new account. Whatever the reason, the process is more simple than you might think!

How to Delete Canva Account

A Step-by-Step Guide to Deleting Your Canva Account

Preparing for the Deletion

Before you jump straight into the account deletion process, it's essential to:

Backup your designs: Ensure you've saved all your Canva designs that you might need in the future. From your shared designs to old designs, make sure you have everything!

Cancel any active subscriptions: If you have a Canva Pro subscription or any other paid subscription, it's crucial to cancel it first. You wouldn't want to continue being billed after you've left, would you?

Navigating to Account Settings

Head over to the Canva website. Once you're logged in, look for the account icon, usually found at the top menu. Clicking on it will reveal a dropdown menu. From there, locate the gear icon, which will lead you to the account settings.

The Deletion Process

Once you're in the settings:

  1. Scroll to the bottom of the page until you find the "delete account" option. Click on the delete button.

  2. A pop-up window will appear, asking for confirmation and possibly the reason for leaving. Provide the necessary information.

  3. Follow the prompts, and soon enough, your account will be on its way to deletion.

How to Delete Canva Account

Things to Consider Before Deletion

Canva's 14-day grace period: After initiating the deletion of your account, Canva provides a 14-day grace period. Within this period, you can change your mind and restore your account.

Possible alternatives to account deletion: Before you go, consider the alternatives. Maybe you just need to change your subscription plan or take a break. Remember, once deleted, some things can't be undone.


Can I recover my designs after deletion? Oh, how we wish it were possible! But regrettably, once you've decided to say goodbye to your Canva account and have proceeded with the deletion, all those lovely designs you've created become a thing of the past. It's a bit like tearing a page out of a sketchbook and tossing it into the wind – it's just not retrievable. So, always make sure to back up anything dear to you before making that final call!

Is there a difference between canceling my subscription and deleting my account? Absolutely, there's a difference! Think of canceling your subscription as opting out of a magazine delivery – you won't receive the latest issues anymore, but your old ones are still with you. On the other hand, deleting your account is like moving out and leaving everything behind. By canceling, you're merely ending your Canva Pro features or other paid perks. But by deleting? You're parting ways with everything – designs, templates, and even those snazzy business cards you created last summer.

I deleted my account but changed my mind. What can I do? Firstly, don't panic! Canva has a little safety net for the indecisive moments we all face. There's a 14-day grace period after you initiate the deletion. Think of it as Canva's way of saying, "Are you sure?" During this time, you can quickly log back in, do a little happy dance, and restore your account. But remember, time flies, so don't wait too long!

I'm having trouble deleting my account. Who can I contact? Ah, technology can sometimes test our patience, can't it? But fear not! The Canva customer support team is like your tech-savvy friend who's always there to help out. They're just a click away and always ready to assist you with any hiccups you might encounter. So, if you're feeling a bit stuck, just give them a shout!

Are there any costs associated with account deletion? Here's some good news! Bidding adieu to your Canva account won't cost you a dime. It's entirely free. So, while it might be emotionally taxing (especially if you've spent years crafting those perfect designs), your wallet will remain unaffected. It's Canva's way of ensuring your exit is as smooth as your entry was.

I have an active Canva Pro account. Will deleting my account also cancel my Canva Pro features and billing? Absolutely! When you initiate the account deletion process, it will end your access to Canva Pro features. However, it's a good practice to cancel your Canva Pro subscription first before deleting your account. This ensures you won't face any unexpected charges. Always remember to check your subscription plan details and payment method to avoid surprises.

I signed up for the free trial of Canva. How do I ensure I don't get billed after the trial period? Great question! If you're on a trial period, especially the Canva Pro 14-day trial, you'll want to cancel the subscription before the trial ends. Head to your account settings, select billing and then choose the cancel subscription option from the drop-down menu. This way, you can enjoy the free trial of Canva without worrying about automatic transitions to a yearly plan or any other paid subscription.

I've shared designs with other Canva users. What happens to those shared designs if I delete my account? When you delete your account, any designs you've shared with other Canva users will remain accessible to them, but they won't be able to see any changes or updates you've made. It's always a good idea to inform your collaborators about your decision to leave so they can save a copy of the shared designs they wish to keep. Think of it as a friendly heads-up!

How to Delete Canva Account


While Canva is an amazing platform for all your design needs, we understand that sometimes, it's time to move on. Whether it's personal reasons, privacy concerns, or just the need for a fresh start, we hope this guide has made the process clear and straightforward for you. Remember, the internet is vast, and there are always new tools and platforms to explore. Good luck with your next digital adventure!


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How to Delete Canva Account


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